We, the People

The We, the People – a campaign to inspire a global movement of active citizens working for change – united in our diversity.  The Constitution, as our founding document, embodies the movement’s values and principles. Its preamble, which begins with the words ‘We, the People’, is our manifesto. The foundational pillars of the We, the People movement are human dignity, equality and freedom. 

We, the People is a cry started by our ancestors years ago, where at moments of great division, they were able to come together to express their highest ideals in one voice as one nation. Our hope is to continue in this tradition. This is the spirit that fuels the work of Constitution Hill, the home of the South African Constitution and the physical home of the movement. The Hill is:   

  • A site for social justice, dialogue, debate and contestation

  • A hub of creativity, art and celebration 

  • A museum dedicated to telling the stories of South Africa’s past, present and future


The campaign has been fuelled by our mission to animate the Constitution and to help bridge the gap between its values and ideals and our lived reality. Despite many challenges, including an unexpected pandemic, we still see 2020 as an opportunity to enter this new decade with the spirit to reaffirm and reignite the passion for our constitutional values.

Through our various upcoming initiatives, we strive to inspire a proud, knowledgeable and creative people by making the Constitution and the history of its making accessible to all; to promote informed dialogues about our past, present and future; and to encourage people to take greater action towards building trust in our constitutional democracy. 

During Heritage Month and beyond, we will present to the public various creative initiatives under the banner of We, the People. The campaign started in earnest last month with the launch of the We, the People t-shirt, produced in collaboration with Tshepo Jeans and Woolworths.

The We, the People movement is just getting started. To join the movement, please visit www.conhill.org.za/Wethepeople to listen to the people’s version of Thuma Mina, to hear from the artists and collaborators on the importance of this song and to access a specially designed preamble, which you can download, read and help us to make real.